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Lincrest Elementary Lincrest Elementary School
1400 Phillips Road 
Yuba City, CA 95991

Phone: (530) 822-5260
Fax: (530) 674-9430
Office Hours
7:30 am - 4:00 pm

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Cafeteria ManagerTop of Page

Debbie Rains, Cafeteria Manager
(530) 822-3127 

YCUSD District Office ContactsTop of Page

Doreen Osumi, YCUSD Superintendent
750 Palora Avenue, Yuba City, CA 95991 
Phone: (530) 822-7601

Hallie Hunt, District Webmaster

Our PrincipalTop of Page

Mrs. Sara NowinskiMrs. Sara Nowinski, Principal
Phone ext #: 23100

Assistant PrincipalTop of Page

Kevin PetersonKevin Peterson, Assistant Principal
Phone ext #: 23101

Administrative SecretaryTop of Page

Monica BeckerMonica Becker, Admin Secretary
Phone ext #: 23103

Office Specialist (Attendance)Top of Page

Tami EckTami Eck, Office Specialist (attendance)
Phone ext #: 23104